For the Child

● To work and play with a small group of children in a sharing and cooperative manner. 

● To meet new friends his/her own age. 

● To understand and respect differences in others. 

● To grow in independence and self-image through the interaction with adults and children. 

● To understand his/her feelings and how to deal with them. 

● To expand his/her capacity for intellectual growth and learning. 

● To find new ways of satisfying his/her natural curiosity. 

● To discover the fun associated with learning. 

● To develop increased physical skill, both fine and large motor, using a wide variety of toys and equipment. 

● To relate to adults in a school setting.

● To expand his/her experience and knowledge of the community and environment beyond his/her home and school.

For the Parent

● To explore and discover new ways for you and your young children to live together. 

● To observe and discuss the ways your child is learning, growing and adapting.

● To discuss and exchange ideas with other parents about family-child relationships and behavior. 

● To explore and discover your own creative potential in working with individuals, groups, and materials. 

● To make new friends in the community.

● To learn to live and engage more effectively in the community. 

Become Apart of Our Board

Parent Board of Directors

The school is governed by a Board of Directors made up of the Director of Teachers and six elected parents. The Board establishes policies and procedures, maintains school facilities and oversees administrative functions of the school. The Board meets monthly and the agenda and minutes are posted on the Parent's Bulletin Board.  All parents are welcome to attend.

Becoming a Board Member

Each March, a nomination committee selects the parent board members for the following year. Parents are invited to apply for positions that interest them. In addition to the duties outlined for each position below, board members attend monthly meetings and assist with the overall running of the preschool.

  • President:  Coordinates staff, board members, facilities and overall operation of the school. Presides at meetings. 

  • Vice-President:  Assists the President and coordinates parent education. 

  • Secretary:  Records and files minutes of Board meetings. Prepares correspondence, typing, and duplicating.

  • Treasurer:  Provides fiscal oversight.

  • Special Events Coordinator:  Plans and organizes fund-raising projects.

  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Coordinates clean-up and repair of facilities and equipment. Coordinates sign-up and scheduling of committee duties for each family.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

President:                       Audra McMahan

Vice President:               Tasha Crawford

Secretary:                       Renee Hoehne

Treasurer:                       Jessica Swenson 

Co-Special Events /

Volunteer Coordinator:    Stacey Kuiper 

Co-Special Events :        Jamie Anderson 

If you are interested in being on the board, please fill out the following questionnaire and return it to the Director of Teachers. (Application below)


Board of Directors Sign up 2018-19 (pdf)